21 Everyday Adventures in Creativity

Kids somehow know they need creative activities every day to stimulate their minds and release their emotions — from finger painting to singing silly songs to making up games at recess. But adults, oh, we’re the worst. We think of creative activity as inessential, something better left to artists who are good at it. We are wrong. 

creativity is essential

Here’s a list of ways you can start stimulating your creative self on a daily basis. Try out these ideas, and remember it doesn’t have to be “good.”

  1. Cook something new
  2. Watch clouds 
  3. Re-arrange your furniture
  4. Color a mandala
  5. People watch
  6. Draw in sand
  7. Play a musical instrument
  8. Try a new exercise
  9. Write someone a letter
  10. Drive a different route home
  11. Compose a haiku
  12. Plant something
  13. Tell a dog a story
  14. Blow bubbles
  15. Star gaze
  16. Wear a color you usually don’t
  17. Tell someone a joke
  18. Mentally redecorate a familiar space
  19. Draw a picture of your dinner
  20. Daydream your way through your childhood home
  21. Assemble a puzzle


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