Magicify Your Life

Full disclosure: I’m not an actual magician. 

Though I was lucky enough once to take a class at the renowned Academy of Magical Arts at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, I’m not very good at performing magic tricks. It turns out subtlety, precision, and dexterity are not among my strengths.

I am pretty good at another kind of trick, though — seeking and creating magical elements in everyday life, a process I call magicifying.

mag·ic·i·fy  verb charge with magic; pass a magical current through.

I’m here to share ideas, inspirations, and experiences that have added a little magic to my life.

I’m here to push myself to seek and create magic even when I’m not feeling like the best version of myself.

I’m here to help you break out of your patterns, recognize the magic in your own life, and inspire you to grow even more of it.

I’m here to change the world — because aren’t we all?

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